Macbook touchpad scroll wheel mimic

Hey there,

I got my Macbook pro today and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can mimic scroll wheel action. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s possible, but there has to be a way somehow, right?

I have an external USB mouse, but right now, I’m really enjoying the touch-pad. It’s really smooth, responsive and a breeze compared to those you get on the normal PC notebooks.

Any ideas how I can mimic scroll wheel action without having to click and drag the scroll bar every-time I need to scroll a page in my browser, word processor, etc…

Thanks :wink:

I found something which seems reasonable.
The button next to Ctrl (what do you call it? :slight_smile: ) + UP/DOWN arrows

Hehe…just found another trick.
By putting two fingers on the track pad.
One fixed, and the other one moving in the direction for scrolling.

Please don’t laugh. After working on a PC for 10 years or so, a Mac is a completely new experience! But it’s really great. Loving every moment of it. :wink:

You can also hold 2 fingers on the touchpad and click for a right-click (or tap the touchpad with 2 fingers if you enable tap-as-click in System Preferences) :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new macbook…

Hey, thanks for that. That’s extremely useful to me.
Sorry for the stupid questions. Just need to get used to it.

I tried the tap thing but I found I didn’t like it. To each his own :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. I agree about the tap. I don’t like it either.
I tried it out, but it happens to often that I accidently click something. Sure it’s the same with you.

But the right click function is really useful. Putting two fingers on the touch pad and clicking. This is great.