Mac system: A problem about virtual environment can be deleted virtualenvs ?

For Mac, I only need the interpreter that comes with the system, so I deleted all the previously installed anaconda related files, but the path/Users/username/. virtualenvs, can I delete this. virtualenvs

  1. Is the hidden virtualenvs pychar?

  2. Is it installed by pip?

  3. Is it generated by anaconda?

  4. The directory in this folder is shown below:

  5. This is the absolute path: (only the user name is coded)

  6. This is the content under the directory:

  7. Anyway, I can’t use these virtual environments. Can I delete this folder (. virtualenvs)?

I would perform a backup of your system first. Then I would delete and see if the computer comes back after restarting. If it doesn’t then restore your backup

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It’s highly unlikely that removing this folder will break your system, I’d just rename it first though and see if everything keeps working as usual… for instance, utilities installed while in an active environment might refer to an interpreter path in that directory.

AFAIK the default anaconda directory name would just be “anaconda”, but to be sure you can echo $CONDA_PREFIX to get your anaconda path… “.virtualenvs” is just a common directory name to place your environments in.

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^^^ this is a better idea :+1: