Mac Pro or Macbook Pro?

I am going back to the Mac. I am wondering if I should get a Macbook pro or a MacPro tower. I love the convenience of being able to take a Macbook Pro with me. But can the Macbook Pro handle all the video editing and 3d animation? I use Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. But I also use Final Cut Pro… and eventually want to learn 3d. Is it wise for me to just get the MacPro? What do you think? Thanks

For such heavy-duty stuff, I’d get the Mac Pro. It’s what I use as well. You can use the Macbook Pro if you’re OK with the performance loss. If you do get a Mac Pro, I’d go with the high-end models, not the low-end ones. They’re all overpriced, but the high-end models at least have rock solid performance whereas the lower configurations really don’t even come close to being justified in spending such money on.

Thanks. By higher level models can you give me a specific? :smiley: Thanks.

I suggest getting a Macbook Pro :slight_smile:

But can it handle the large video editing with ease?

Depends on what your expectation of speed is and how complex your projects are. If you’re working with lots of HD uncompressed files, you want as much disk speed as possible, which is an area laptops generally fall down in with perhaps a 7200rpm hard drive. This won’t come close to the raid0 10k+ rpm drives you might find in a pro video workstation.