Mac OS X Snow Leopard web root directory?

I’m running Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.2, using the PHP/MySQL book from Sitepoint.

Page 50 of PHP/MYSQL book states that Mac OSX web root directory is /Library/WebServer/Documents. I’ve followed the installation directions for MYSQL and enabled PHP - everything works fine so far (although //localhost just says “It Works”, not the Apache page like in the book.) There was no folder named WebServer in the /Library folder. When I save today.php to my user folder in the Sites folder, and browse to “http://localhost/~myname/today.php”, it will successfully load.

I think Snow Leopard (10.6.2) handles Apache a little differently . . can anyone advise on how/where to save content? Thanks in advance.

Never mind, folks, I found the WebServer folder - it was not in the path I was expecting - it is directly on the hard drive, not in my user folder. When I moved today.php into the Documents folder in the WebServer folder I was able to browse to it directly via “http://localhost/today.php


Don’t forget that you can always create VirtualHost entries and store your “local sites” anywhere on your computer.