Mac OS Multipart RAR Archives

Hey there,

I’m looking for RAR archive software I can use to extract a multipart RAR archive. I have several files like this :


Any recommendations?
It doesn’t seem like either the default app of Stuffit expander can do this.

RAR-Expander appears to do the trick.

WinRAR is the top program imo.

Yea, it works great on Macs.

I use UnRarX, it does the job.

use the unarchiver and nothing else. Works with everything: rar, zip, gzip, etc., and for the couple of formats it doesn’t do (dmg, iso) there’s Disk Utility.

That sounds quite convincing. I’m going to give it a shot.
Thanks for all the feedback guys. Greatly appreciated.

try it is free.
open first .rar file in zipeg - it will open the rest automatically.