Mac FTP Clients, Upload on Save?

I use both DW and Espresso, both have their own ftp clients to upload.

However, as i use both at the same time are there any ftp clients that will upload on save automatically?

So whenever i work on a file either on dw or espresso upon saving the said client will upload it for me without having to go to that the program and manually upload myself?

Cheers :slight_smile:

In Dreamweaver, in your Site settings, and under the Remote Info tab, near the bottom there’s a checkbox option to: “Automatically upload files to server on save”.

So: Site > Manage Sites… > SiteName > Remote Info > Automatically upload files to server on save

Not sure about other ftp clients, but I’ve heard there’s a plugin for Coda, but never actually seen it. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

On my MAC I use Transmit (ftp) with TextWrangler. Upon saving the changed file it uploads automatically. When you have a new file you have to upload manually, but you just pick up and drop, because one of the columns in Transmit can be set to where you save your file to in the first step, but all changes after that are automatic.

One of the best features in Transmit is the batch processing you can do with the find feature.

Hi Datura.

So Transmit does auto upload if you save elsewhere?

I’m only used to Espresso and DW, i like how Espresso uploads on save but doesn’t for images etc…

Are there any tuts for Transmit showing this…?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I just installed Transmit 4.0.5

It is different from my previous version.

It lets me edit within, no text editor needed but I can do so. As I save a file it is automatically transmitted to the server. A new file can be created within and when I save it, it is also transmitted to the server, images too. I have to learn the other options. It seems to be hard to find tuts. I am going to explore the help feature next.

Here is a pretty good summation:

Yeah saw that, its a bit slow working direct from the server though.

Have you figured out how to auto sync because thats what i’m after?

Synching the folder then any changes it uploads them.

However, you have to manually click synch, could do with that being auto.

Any ideas?

Yes, you can. Here is the help file advice:

Synchronizing a local and remote folder
Synchronization is a quick, fully automated method of bringing a remote folder up to date with the contents of a local folder, or vice-versa.

To begin a sync operation:

Make sure Transmit is displaying one local and one remote file browser in a single window. See also: Switching between one and two file browsers.

In both browsers, navigate to the folders you wish to sync.

Choose Transfer > Synchronize…

The sync sheet appears:

Click either the left arrow or right arrow to determine the direction of the sync. The arrow indicates which direction transfers will flow between your Mac (represented by the Mac icon) and the server (represented by the globe icon).

Choose a file comparison method, either Modification Date or File Size.

Choose from the following options as desired:

Delete orphaned destination files: If checked, files at the destination that do not have a corresponding file at the source will be deleted from the destination.

Follow symbolic links: If checked, Transmit will resolve symbolic links to their targets if encountered.

Skip items matching rules list: If checked, Transmit will skip files during the sync that match the chosen skip rules. See also: Using skip rules

Only transfer files modified in the last: If checked, Transmit will ignore files unless they have been recently modified.

Determine server time offset automatically: If checked, Transmit will upload a small file to attempt to determine the difference (in any) between your computer’s local time and the server’s. This option may not work on some servers.

Server is: These fields allow you to manually specify the difference in time between your computer and the server if the automatic method does not work.

In the blue box, Transmit will show you a summary of what actions will be taken.

Check Simulate the sync for extra safety, and Transmit will perform a “dry run” of the sync, generating a list of what files will be transferred or deleted based on the current settings, without actually transferring or deleting anything.

To proceed with the sync, click Synchronize.

When the sync is complete, you will have the option to view a report of which files were transferred or deleted.

Yeah i read that but when i tired elsewhere to change a file say in Expresso, Transmit would only upload it if i clicked sync again rather than doing it automatically…

Am i missing something… :shifty: