Mac and font resizing issue on WP template site

Can anyone help with why this template site looks terrible on a Mac (at least Safari - see attached screenshot)? The huge slider font, all the font, the navigation is cut off, etc. And if resized in Chrome on a PC the slider text on a slide that isn’t active but has more text (I can activate it), etc won’t resize? Mostly concerned about how bad it looks on a Mac.

It doesnt look too bad on mac to me (nothing like in your screen shot). Anyhow, try to build a page up as deliberately and logically as you can. The first thing I see is that the all the content above the footer would ideally have a single wrapper around it to keep everything together, rather than having to write tons of extra styles for each content box.

Thanks Ralph. Appreciate the suggestion. Really cheap template site, though, so didn’t estimate for changing the code. So you looked in Safari on a Mac and it looked fine?

On a wide screen it looks fine, but if the browser narrows a bit, it falls apart completely, so it not realistically usable without modification.

Thanks Ralph. I just had two more people check the site on a Mac and they said it looks fine. Can you explain?

If they just visited the site on their mac with a reasonably wide screen, the site would have looked fine. Most people have no idea how to test a site, though. If they had scaled the width of their browser so that it was narrower than the content, they would have seen the layout disintegrate.

Yup, that’s what it was. I asked them to resize and it’s breaking. Okay, thanks, I’m on it.

You should be able to see the same thing on PC browsers, as it’s not a mac issue, as such.

Yeah, I see it. Thanks Ralph!