Lunch Guests

[FONT=“Georgia”]Another “one of those” topics.

This one is a two-part question;

If you could have lunch with any three persons who have ever lived, who would they be?

And part two… If you could have lunch with any three persons alive today, who would those three be?

Take it away!


[FONT=“Georgia”]My three dead would be Richard Feynman, Milton Friedman and Fritz Zwicky.

I can’t decide who my three living would be; I’d definitely like to meet Neil Tyson though. Rick Gayle too.


I’m with you on the Feynman thing SOTD.

Deadified folk - Richard Feynman, Thomas Merton, William Blake

Alivified - Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Irving. Or Lars Von Trier, Gary Oldman and Jay Sin. Or Vincent Cassel, Sean Penn, John C Reilly.
Okay, all I know is we’d need to do Dim Sum…

2: Benjamin Franklin, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jules Verne

[FONT=“Georgia”]Why Sean Penn?


[FONT=“Georgia”]I think William Blake and Van Gogh at the same table would be an interesting conversation.


Sean Penn tried to be what those guys seem to be trying to be. He’s reasonably well spoken, startlingly intelligent (although to this day, his passions get the better of him at times, and he chooses his words poorly) and would be a perfect foil/interpreter for those two. That’s how I picture it anyway…

Off Topic:

Good to see you again SOTD, you seemed scarce for a while

edit - I think you’re right. Van Gogh and Blake would be a fascinating conversation.

  1. Napolean, James Dean, my great great great…grand parents.
  2. One of those super famous super affiliate out there; can’t really think of anyone else now.

Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand

Datura, Shaun(OfTheDead) :stuck_out_tongue: and I’ll leave the third seat open for there are too many people to choose from.

Why not yourself Saul, you could have a carbon copy of yourself as the third.

Why I’ve already had more lunches with him than I would have liked to.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Sounds good, man.

What are we having?


A couple of beers?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Sure. We could grill too.


Great, now just to agree on time and place.

Six feet under= Freddy Mercury, Edgar Allen Poe and myself from a past life.

Alive and kicking= J.K. Rowling, Bill Murray and Dick Chaney (so I could kick him in the b#@$&.