Lucida Grande

i am using the font Lucida Grande in my work currently. i am using the declaration:

html, body, h1, h2, h3, h4, a {
	font-family:"Lucida Grande", arial, sans-serif;

to make the copy Lucida Grande. The font displays properly on mac browsers (firefox, safari, opera) but on pc (all explorer and firefox installations) defaults to arial. isnt Lucida Grande considered a websafe font? anyone know why it is not showing lucida grande on pc and how to remedy this? thanks.

That will show you what fonts are available/platform.

You don’t assume that users will go on and install fonts just to surf the net. You assume they have whatever fonts the underlying OS comes with by default. But just in case they might have additional fonts, or use OSs that have fonts you like, you declare a font stack.

When you declare a font stack, you admit that the first font may not be found on all Mac, Win, Lin. So you declare a fall back font: the second one. And then you completely give up and say: well, if the first it’s not on your computer, and the second it’s also missing, then choose a sans-serif font that you have and display the damn thing already :wink:

You can use the @font-face declaration of course:

Lucida Grande is very similar to Lucida Sans, which is available on most PCs. If you put that before or instead of Arial, you’ll get the right font on most Macs and PCs.

thanks for the link to the site with websafe fonts. it seems whatever page i pull up, they list different fonts as web safe. the one you show makes sense, it says lucida grande is 100% mac, where pc doesnt have support. thanks.