Ltrim() to trim up till " "

i have

$var = "Cabinet  7N";

and am trying to trim the stufff on the left till the space, so

$var = "7N";

I tried ltrim($var, " "), am i on the right track?

No. Looks like, you need a regular expression. E.g.

preg_match('/^(\d+)(\s+)(\d+)$/', $var, $matches);
$var = $matches[3];

oh, would it work on a variable like

$var = "Cabinet 3";

Yes. I can’t to be absolutelly sure in reg. exps., because format of your string is not clear. Do you always have a prefix 'Cabinet ’ and than the string you would to get or prefix could be different?

Its based on user input, theres always a chance it’ll be Cab 7N if some idiot tries to be funny, So all I want the varfiable to be is 7N

You may not need to use regex. Could you use (roughly, “string reverse position”) to find the space and use that in to get the substring?

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Sounds like a case for better validation if the user can enter stuff that they should not.