Low site rank-need help

i have my site “ittl.ir” its started about 6 month ago but my site rank in world in 15 000,000th of world site ranks
but my freind site"vplus.ir" started with me and his site rank is 6 000,000 of site rank of world, why its happened,i update my site every week with 7 post but my freind site is offline about 2 month!!!

i dont know whats wrong,google webmaster didnt message for banning or some thing like it but last message of googlewebmaster was about dont permission to wpincloude files,that i edited robots.txt and i allowed this acces too.

but no success yet,
could you analyze my site and tell whats wrong its my site link www.ittl.ir

I’m not sure what you mean by this. What are you using to obtain this information? If you’re talking about Alexa ranking, then I don’t think you should worry too much about it, as it’s pretty inaccurate, unless you actually sign up for their services.

In any case, worrying about rankings is concentrating on the wrong thing. Are you getting good numbers of visitors? Does your site appear in search engine results for relevant pages? If yes, then you don’t have much to worry about. If no, then work on these things, which are the things that actually matter.

You might find Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” useful.

It’s difficult to give any advice about the site itself, as I don’t speak Persian, and can’t comment on the quality of your content. I do know that technology news is a high-competition area in English-language sites, and I’d guess it’s the same in Persian. If so, it will take more work to rank in SERPs and gain visitors.

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So thankyou for giving your time for me,
no my visitors are bad and in search engine im not appear in good position,im sure something is wrong!!!
i take my news from www.mashable.com, i thinks their quality is good.
and my visitor per day before was 3000 but now going to 50-500,and my google entry per day is 1-3 person…i think its so bad,
and my contetnt have internal and external link and headings also,And i dont Know whats bad,my robot.txt is good, i havnt any message about baning me on google from webmaster tool,i dont use copy contents.and my site is mobile friendly.and updsting weekly by 7 or 8 post,

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that you have some kind of news feed from Mashable? Or are you using their articles directly in your site? If the latter, then that is likely to get you into trouble sooner or later.

its in english,i translate posts from english to persian,

and when i translate i place them on my site,no no i dont copy,because that news is in english,i tranlate them to persian and then place them to my site,

I’m impressed by your ability to do that, but I think you’re on very dodgy ground without permission from Mashable to use their content. And if Google is seeing it as duplicate content (I don’t know if/how Google compares languages), then that will affect your ranking in the SERPs, and may explain the huge drop in visitors from Google.

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I dont think so,Realy google ban me because of this,because i translate this contents and i link to mashable exact same page that i translated,i write undr my post that i translated from this site,

This article is several years old, but I don’t think much will have changed with regard to copyright laws. According to this, you need the author’s permission to translate their articles.

Even leaving aside copyright issues, I think you’ll find it hard to get a site to rank without unique content.

Perhaps you could also write some short articles looking at things from an Iranian perspective?

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First so thankyou for replay

and yes thanks too your point i asked them for "i can translate your content ?"and i m wating for response ,and i dont think so google can recognize that i translated because googletranslate translate english to persian so bad or persian to english, but i asked them,

and iranian sites almost translate i dont wana copy paste their article like blogs, i wana become some thing giant in iranian IT sites @TechnoBear ,and better of them,


Do basic seo techniques, that will surely help you to have traffic on your website and to rank well on search engines. You can do forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, etc. Maintain and update it from time to time so that backlinks won’t be remove by google.

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Hope you get the proper answer of your question.

I need to mention one thing that the ranking you are mention in your first post is the Alexa ranking, which is change according to your website visitor.

If you want to improve your Alexa ranking focus on the targeted visitor. I suggest register in Alexa account first and select your targeted country.

Do not copy & past the content as google is currently focusing on content of different languages.


Forum posting and blog commenting will do little to help rank your site. Most reputable forums and blogs follow Google’s guidelines and mark external links “nofollow” (as we do here). If your main purpose in forum posting or blog commenting is to drop links to your site, then you are likely to find yourself banned from the sites for Spamming. Additionally, you may fall foul of Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

If you consistently make useful contributions, then you may get some traffic to your site by these methods.

As for article submission, @labour is running an article site, and I would have thought his best use of any article he writes would be to publish it on his own site.

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Don’t forget about blogging while making you backlinks, as it’s the best way to raise your website’s rate…

hi thanks in advance for your point,i registered my site on alexa and i translating news i do not copy paste!

thanks in advance mr techno bear

pardon me for lating answering!

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