Low HTML/text Ratio issue on Wordpress Webpage

Hi there everyone, how can resolve the low HTML/tect ration issue from my website and its pages ,

Welcome to the forums, @jonsandoval599.

Firstly, why do you think there is an issue? What problem are you encountering?

Secondly, surely the only way to change the ratio of HTML to text is to increase the amount of text on the page, or delete any unused HTML elements.

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Because…Whenever I do a side audit its shows me this point as an error, anyways this isn’t that much big issue about which should I worry much?

I don’t use Wordpress, but it sounds to me more like a point you should be aware of, rather than an error or warning.

How does the site perform? If it loads quickly, displays correctly and has sufficient content to attract visitors and be useful to them, I would say there’s not much to worry about.

Yes it loads well and perform well , Do you want to visit my website , then tell me about it, about its design? about the content, may be that helps me

If it’s performing well, then that’s good. You don’t need anybody else to visit it to tell you that. smile

But a third party review is always good for a website…no problem I am not forcing you to visit :sweat_smile:

I am curious as to the actual text of the error message. “You have way too much content compared to the amount of markup” is not something I’ve ever heard before.

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