Low costs


My friend and I are launching a website but we need to know any cheap web hosting company…Thanks for any info

Thanks all for the wonderful info…godaddy is good for me i guess! I am going for it

We don’t have much bandwidth requirement. It would be a very small project just for a class of 50

I think that for the new web site which is going to be personal that would be reasonable to use free hosting service.

If you are a domain reseller/looking to get into domain reselling business, you can choose Resellerclub - Both as your reseller and your webhost.

If its just an individual domain that you are talkin about, then I would recommend you to go in for bluehost, Dreamhost or Hostgator !

I use livethunder.com, they are cheap on web hosting and it is easy to setup with them too.


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Godaddy’s shared hosting is quite slow, but it is working and quite stable. I imagine it’ll do the job fine for a limited time project. I’m not sure if it comes with all the bells and whistles of paid accounts, and what languages (e.g. php, Perl) are ready to be used there, should you need such.

I suppose that you need to tell us what would be considered as low cost web hosting for you. Knowing your budget that will be easy for you to find good web hosting provider.

Godaddy only provides free hosting to their domain name customers, and even then, it’s ad supported (they place ads on your pages).

As fat as I recall, Hostgator provides free hosting only to registered non profit/charities.

blueleamonhost is quite cheap… you can also go for free hosting
godaddy and hostgator provides free hosting.

I think going with cheap means compromising with quality. You should spend some reasonable amount to get good hosting.


Do you have any specific requirements such as disk space, bandwidth etc?