Lotus Notes html mail

Is html mails stylesheets for Lotus Notes covered in “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”?


Have to say that I didn’t use Javascript on the e-mails when I used Lotus, just for other stuff.

I just finished my first-read of the book the other day. It says Lotus 6/7/8.5 has only 2% market share. Still worth considering just the same. 8.5 seems to have quite a few improvements over 6/7 but I guess one of the most important things to do for cross-client compatibility is
test - test - test - test - test …

BTW, I strongly suggest you don’t put javascript in your emails. I don’t think the clients would like it much even if your intentions were angelic.

There are very few green ticks in the Lotus Notes 6/7 column, its almost top to bottom red crosses. Even the Lotus Notes 8.5 column has more red crosses than most of the other programs in the charts in the book do.

Then it must be my way of working with it 'cause I rarely have encountered any problems. But I confess that my layouts were quite corporte and had to stick to a particular structure. Very controlled. I used version 7, strictly speaking, and used Lotus Designer to do the job.

I have to say that I rarely use pngs (thanks to IE 6 I still have a fair amount of traffic using that browser) so I really don’t know about png support. You got me there :smiley:

Yep, felgall’s correct. The CSS compatibility tables include Lotus Notes 6+.

Lotus Notes 6/7 and 8.5 are listed in just about all the compatibility tables in the book.

@molona: I beg to differ on that one. Lotus Notes 6/7’s CSS support is dreadful! Doesn’t support any box model properties, and everything else is very spotty. PNGs don’t even work! If you’re developing an HTML email template using more modern clients and not testing in Notes it has a good chance of breaking in a serious way.

You shouldn’t have much of a problem even if it wasn’t… Lotus Notes is all web based in the widest meaning of the term… even to create your own templates you need to use HTML, CSS and Javascript! :lol:

I have no idea on that. I’ll find out for you.