Lots of categories and sub categories. Best navigation system?

I will be building a product review site. It could be any product in any category you can think of.

The home page (landing page) should display all the top categories. However i don’t know how many categories I will have in the beginning. The number will expand over time to tens or even hundreds. So it’s going to be huge.

What’s the best menu type I can use where a big number can be displayed and is easy to navigate and discover. TreeView? Horizontal menu with drop downs? Tabs? or something new? My design is each top category link will lead to a different page and that page will have menu for subcategories. The problem I am facing is that each top category will have subcategories and each subcategory might have even more subcategories. Each with different levels deep. The menu will have to be created dynamically.

Any ideas?

This could be an option

Drop lis menu