Lost my epic creds

Nooo - I joined this site in like 2002 / 2003, and I used to love asking totally noob questions but have this epic bg. Now it says that I join in 14:(

Unfortunately, when we moved from vBulletin, everybody’s join date ended up as the date of the transfer.

I did manage to find this, though, from an old thread which wasn’t migrated:


Don’t worry - in another 10-13 years you’ll have epic creds again.


The fact that you have the Title “SitePoint Addict” lets me know both that you joined while the forum was at vBulletin and gives me a rough idea of what your post count is.

True, many members may not be as cognizant of it’s implications, but then again I think many “established” members will be.

*BTW please don’t try changing it unless you want to risk losing it.

- BUT - you could add a web site and About me to your Profile Preference settings that will show both there and on your User Card (what pops up when you click on an avatar)

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