Lost mobile phone can be find using IMEI number?

Hi anybody tell me can be find the lost mobile using IMEI number ?

Not that I’m aware of… Maybe if it’s on/in use then the cellular provider could track it down but chances are they won’t want to help you - in my experience.

It depends on where you live as the situation is handled differently in different countries.

Basically, if you register your phone as stolen your network should lock down your phone’s IMEI number so it cannot be used, even with a different SIM card. They should share this information with all the other phone networks so the phone should be basically useless.

If somebody puts a new SIM card into the stolen phone and tries to connect to their network, the fact that the phone is stolen should be logged with the network. It could technically be possible to find the person who now has the phone, but the phone company wouldn’t pursue it and it would be very unlikely that you could convince the police to pursue it.

So, with the IMEI number you can make your phone useless, but you won’t be able to track it down.

It sounds like all you’d be doing is depriving the poor sucker who bought the stolen phone from the ability to use it.

If there is no possible way to get the phone back anyway, what good will preventing it from working do?

Edit: I guess it may act as a deterrent to future thieves, though that still doesn’t help either of the victims…

If people who buy stolen phones know that they won’t work then they will stop buying them. If people stop buying phones from thieves then the thieves will stop stealing them.

I guess that is true, if the buyer knows that it’s stolen. I would have thought, though, that usually the buyer would not know it is stolen. So even if the thief knows that the phone is or will be locked, they will still try and offload it to the first person that will pay money for it. Ie, locked phones will still be a commodity to a thief if they can con someone into buying it.

The only thing you can do as far as I’m aware is block the phone so no other calls can be made, rendering the mobile useless, however you can unblock mobiles but it’s not easy. It’s not as easy as unlocking, which can be done by going to the market, unblocking will not as it’s highly illegal.

It’s quite easy to find a lost mobile but for that one must know the IMEI no of your phone. After that file a FIR for your mobile in Police Station and then your phone will be traced through that if that IMEI no is working then mobile can be traced.