Lost in Translation! A quick competition

Not at all. You’ll find it all over these forums. :slight_smile:

I’ll post another clue today—something much more revealing. The guesses so far have been great … but I’ll admit that no one has got it yet. :slight_smile:

social media?

“functional programming”?

…or “coding standard”

Hmm, easy: “Forty two!” :wink:

“Open source”

Not sure if that would qualify as a web design term or not

Another clue: I apologise for stringing you all along with this.

public function ?

or maybe

Accessibility Testing

display block


display inline

Spaghetti Ralph? Something more like “Formal Parameter.”.

> The CPIoAoY feels warm.

Another clue: this term is a common expression used by programmers on a regular basis.

Off Topic:

Staff members, perhaps PM me if you know the answer, so we can save the prize for other members. :smiley:

My amulet was working, not bad for a Cheap Plastic Imitation of (CPIo), I still don’t know the actual words but I was a lot closer #29. :wink:

Standard practise

Regular Expression(s)?

String literal?

Regular Expression.

Hey, well done everyone. I hope this was a fun exercise. I had a feeling clue5 (“this term is a common expression used by programmers on a regular basis”) might give it away, and indeed, correct answers have quickly followed!

Both Tkauran and scannon got it, but I’ll have to give the award to Tkauran. Well done to both of you!

I think this is worth doing again. Do others agree? It was fun to run a number of common web terms back and forth through the translator until they were basically unrecognizable.

I honestly thought it was a fun and interesting way to have a competition, it really made me think when I saw the clues.

You were right though, hint #5 was a dead giveaway hahaha.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for participating. :slight_smile:

100% Agreed! This was a lot of fun!

It was great fun and the clues were clever and well thought. I would have never guessed it though :slight_smile:
@Tkauran; Congratulations for winning the prize
@scannon; You did a terrific job too :slight_smile: