Lost a Pet

Hey Guys.

I was wondering if anyone here has lost a pet they were attached to? I did a few days ago and he died in my arms. I have never felt a life leave something living in my hands, and it really bothers me a LOT.

It’s a lot harder than I thought because he slept by me everyday and I knew him 10 years, he was a maltese dog. Before he passed he layed on my chest and rested his head against my neck while I talked to him trying to help him breathe, so I believe he was happy to be near his family.

I know there are much worse things in life but this is just what is going on over here. So please be nice because my heart is broken and I have been quite sad. I did not expect to be this upset over it. :frowning:

I guess if anyone else knows how I feel over losing a good companion it will make me feel better. I’m adjusting to him not being around and missing his sweet little personality and appetite, lol, and I really am sad about this :frowning:

I’m middle aged and I’ve always had at least one cat in my life, often more. - But not more than 4, I’m not a hoarder. - So of course I’ve lost plenty over the years. One thing I can say, it never gets easy. And getting spiritual “pep talk” like “remember the good times”, “it’ll prepare you for losing someone close” etc. etc. doesn’t do a thing for me. It saddens me when I think that they’re gone now. I have lost people in my life too, but sometimes that’s not as painful as my lost pets. Moreso at first, but it settles down after a few years. I suppose I should feel a bit guilty about grieving longer for animals, but to be honest the bond was closer and deeper than what I had with my lost family members and friends.
Maybe because they were so dependant on me? I don’t know, I’ve never had any children let alone lose one in youth. But I imagine that grief would last a lifetime.

The only way I’ve found that helps just a little, is to wait a while and get a kitten. Not to replace the older cat, but just to bring the joy of a little innocent into my life. I still miss those that are gone.

I think replacing it will somewhat ease the burden. Give your self a couple of weeks then maybe look for another pet dog.

you should look for another pet

How awful for you - I’m really sorry.

Just be reassured that he probably had a great life with you. Maybe, when the time is right and you’ve finished grieving you could visit an animal shelter and see if there’s another dog you could help have a wonderful life too.

Yes, it doesn’t have to be a puppy. I’ve “adopted” older cats too. When my sister moved she couldn’t keep her 13 year old cat. I’ve had it for 2 years now. And she’s the most affectionate constant-companion of the 3 I now have. (She’s on my lap right now, as usual. I can’t be at the computer that she isn’t)

I once had a friend that worked in a shelter, but he quit because the “weekly thinning” of the “unwanteds” broke his heart. You could save a life. It’s a good feeling.

Thanks guys this is real helpful I read yours earlier today actually Mittingague.

Cats are pretty sweet too, (except im allergic) I dont know if it depends on their personality as much as how you raise them as kittens. My dad has a cat he is the sweetest one I’ve ever seen, such a scaredy cat though loves to cuddle LOL.

I like hearing stories about adopted animals finding homes :slight_smile: Poor little guys hehehe

A few years ago I lost my white poodle. Died easter morning :(.

He was in pain the entire week before his passing. It came to the point he couldn’t sit up or walk up/down stairs.

Oh so sorry to hear that :frowning: It is real tough :frowning: I try to think of all the good years you had them, sometimes we hold on to the “last moments” out of guilt or something but we know they had millions of other good memories to think about :slight_smile:

I lost a cat on Easter Friday one year. I kept hoping he’d come back on Sunday. Ok, bad joke and cutting VERY close to the line.

Anyway, all jokes aside, I know how you feel. My husband and I were in this constant state of grief for ages. I think because they are there in your life every day you really notice the hole that they leave behind.

Hang in there my friend. In time the memories of your dog will be happy ones.

I know exactly how you are feeling, I had 2 Schitzu’s, adorable. Well last year one of them got a bad kidney problem and he died (Scamp) in my arms, A month later Lulu got a uterine infection and died (even now I have tears thinking of them.) We thought we would never get another Dog, but we did, We now have a Cocker spaniel and a 4 month old puppy. It defenitly does help ease the loss, not that I forget Scamp & Lulu. Give it a little time and my advice is , do get another Dog to love.

Let your grief subside and then go look for your new loyal friend.

I think, replacing a new one can ease the pain that you are having now but don’t stop cherishing your happy moments with your lost pet.

I was thinking of you this morning and your sadness at the loss of your ‘friend’, our little Puppy is giving us so much joy, He is full of mischief & fun. Don’t delay too long , get another ‘best friend’.

I’m sooooo sorryyy :((

My little rabbit died weeks ago! It’s very lovely.

Hey all, it gets easier day to day :slight_smile: I still have a little white Pikagnese that sleeps by me every night too. I know must be stinky to have 2 dogs sleep by you, LOL. But they are sweet little buggers. She is doing fine too. When her time is up it will be devastating because I carry her around like a princess and play with her every day :smiley: Dont wanna think about that. A new puppy will happen when there are no more puppies here!

Sorry about your rabbit hkgx :frowning: Those lil buggers are cute

I too am very sorry for your loss JREAM. It hurts so much and will forever, just milder. I have lost a pile of cats over my lifetime.

Thank you, it is not easy for anyone and it helps to know other people grieve too over their little friends