Lose image path

Hi all,
I have site : http://iceraudio.com
Its running fine in localhost but i lose images when i uploaded into server.
Anyone know this reason and way to fix it ?

Thank you very much.

Quick guess is that your image paths are not the same from one to the other. (i.e. the image path is relative to the root in one, but not the other). And since your slider script can’t find them, they’re using the defaults that come with the script.

Either that or you forgot to load the images (been there, done that, felt stupid and wanted the “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt to wear with no one else around)

I use template which buy from internet.Can you help me what i need to change for good display.
Thank you very much.

The URL to the site returns a 404.

How your local URL looks?


As have I

Another possibility is Case mismatch.
image.jpg is not the same as Image.jpg or image.JPG

And while you’re checking that, check the permissions.

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