Lookling For Dependable Green Host

Can anyone recommend a really good green hosting provider?

In what aspect of green hosting are you looking in particular. It seems that every green hosting provider has their own definition of what green hosting is.

Examples: planting a tree per account, the purchasing of Renewable Energy Credits, shutting their lights off at night, etc.

One that uses solar and/or wind power preferably.

Out of curious: are you looking for potential clients?
No offense please: I have seen your signature only.

The only one I know of to be truly solar powered is AISO.net. Most hosts just use some backdoor method of being “green” (buying carbon credits, planting trees, paying to push green energy back into the grid etc.)

Hi. I have been having problems with a new green hosting firm that came highly recommended and would like to replace them mostly due to poor customer service. My company represents ethically responsible, sustainable and green clients so I provide them with the greenest materials and vendors I can find.
I did not make the post as an advertisement for my services. Is that what you thought?
I am always looking for new clients.
Is that all okay?
Best regards :slight_smile:

Have you any experience working with them?

No, I’ve never used them. Sorry for not making that clear from the get-go.

Our company was in the same situation. We went with HostASAP.com and they have been great so far.

I believe if you need to find a list of web hosting companies which are working on green power you need to find then on the specialized directories. Don’t you think so?

There are only 2 worldwide, aiso.net and intel-mexico (INTL). However the later I believe that does not provide general hosting, it is for Intel’s own use and selected customers

I’d honestly suggest just going with a regular provider and then volunteering some time to plant trees or doing something else good for the environment like making sure you recycle. More often than not “green hosting” is generally nothing more than a gimmick to get people on board.

ASO says that they are now green http://www.asmallorange.com/hosting/shared/green.php

Sure they are green but they SURE are charging a huge premium for being green! Their VPS package (low-end) costs almost twice as much as all of the competition!

To the OP: Is it really worth it to go green for hosting?

ASO has always been more expensive than their competitors and that’s likely been a good thing for them. They get less orders sure - but the orders they do get pay them well and those who pay more tend to have more realistic expectations as to what the service should or should not provide.

If they’re too expensive in your eyes, just go for something else :slight_smile:

I think ukfast are in the process of developing their own hydro power facilities to use with their hosting, although they’re at least a year from completion. They say they are carbon neutral currently. Similar to ASO they’re not at the cheaper end of cost, but I can certainly vouch for their excellent technical support.

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A lot of web hosting providers now use the term green as a marketing term.