Looking to replace Godaddy for hosting/email


I currently am setup as follows:

  1. I have my domain name with Godaddy. It expires in 2013. I have web hosting with them that expires in November. I also have what they call “Unlimited” e-mail with unlimited storage that expires in mid-September.

  2. I’ve grown less impressed with Godaddy over the years. Now even simple PHP scripts on my site are slow to run. Every time I go to do anything on their site I find it junked up with so much garbage that I can’t find what I’m looking for and, god forbid I call them then I have to beg to be let off the call without a major push to upgrade everything.

  3. I have a basic website that simply is a portal for a basic family tree (no DB yet) and my blog (which is through Blogger but off-loaded to the website though I can’t recall now why I did that–I think it was to make sure I never just lost everything if one day Blogger stops working). I also have 3 MySQL DB’s. I use 7 of the e-mail accounts with each of them mainly being family members who connect via Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Yahoo and others.

Trying to figure out the costs and alternatives is like trying to compare car insurance companies.

GoDaddy is currently showing me this:

Unlimited Storage E-mail 10 boxes $85 (and then the cart shows some discount that makes it $72) for THREE YEARS. That seems good to me but might be overkill since I never really store anything on the e-mail as all of us just pull off the server to our various clients.

Linux Web Hosting Economy 1 Plan, 1 Year $60.

I’m looking to replace them with any provider that has a site that’s somewhat intuitive (GoDaddy’s is waaaaay too busy and every single click is in up-sell) and with some minor but decent customer service. Saving money would be great.

I’m currently looking at Dynadot, Fatcow and Bluehost but I’m open to any other suggestions that would fit my needs. I’m an old network admin but I stress “old” (I’m 47 but my admin days are from the 80s though I’m still technical).

What’s a good fit for my needs?

I’m assuming you’re in the US.

I’d recommend surpasshosting.com. Their shared hosting plan is about $6 a month, which works out to $72 a year. Their support team is also very quick to respond to any support tickets you submit.

Shared Web Hosting Solutions Comparison by Surpass Hosting

Unlimited email accounts and unlimited storage.

They use cPanel as their admin interface.

I like the looks of Surpass! Thanks for the recommendation.

From my experience, especially in 2011, Godaddy’s server performance has gone down by a lot. Uptime wasn’t all that bad though.

I suggest you find a cPanel based host, since they’re typically not crowded, nor built to maximize up-selling opportunities. Now, that’s not a guarantee that the servers will be fast. The reality is that most cheap hosts that offer a lot tend to overload their servers.

Dynadot, Fatcow and Bluehost

I don’t know about Dynadot, but I would suggest you avoid the other two. Fatcow was always slow, and then I moved to their twin host Ipage, that wasn’t too fast nor reliable either. Bluehost (a.k.a. Hostmonster) was decent once, but it got progressively worse over time.

Great info. Bluehost was the one of those three that I had the most interest in.

I know GoDaddy’s having issues as I have some SIMPLE PHP scripts I run and those, for the last month, are taking forever to run now but my issues with them are just endless.

For a replacement, I think Mail2Web is a good option and alternative. From my experience, you just need to supply a domain and link it to the account you make.

My favorite part is it works with Microsoft Exchange so I get pushed email to my iPhone.