Looking to Edit my website

i had a company build my website using cpanel. If i want to edit the website I can edit somethings using wordpress but in order to edit anything else I need CPanel. I tried downloading this program but did not end up successful. Can anybody help me out?

Cpanel will/should/could be built into your hosting package. It is not usually used for editing your website it is more for checking statistics, setting up databases and emails etc. You can view and edit files but it is easier to download them and do it on your PC. It is not installed on your PC, I assume you can log into it on your server? The address would be something like www.domainName.com/cpanel

I do not use wordpress but I assume most of your editing will be done in the wordpress admin section - you should be able to modify and add text as well as images. You might be able to modify certain parts of the layout but I guess most of it will be in a template.

found it with godaddy… looks very confusing…

Was the CP custom built for your site? I would ask the company that built your site for a CP users guide to basic functionality ( this usually include installing themes, re raging, adding and editing stories)

Incidentally with WP you can even modify the code of the theme itself within the WP admin ( known as ‘the dashboard’, btw)

Start with the Logs section and click the Awstats or Webarlizer icons ( you are only viewing data with these programs and so you can not break this ) . You may see a load of crappy links from Russian sites in particular - these are referrer spam. At the bottom of Awstats you will see a 404 link and you can see what people are using to try and hack your site!

You also have:
Preferences section - I have never needed to change anything here.
Mail - setup new mail accounts for your domain and other useful things like spam filtering.
Files - View edit and delete files; but editing is better done on your PC. Delete is quicker here than through an FTP program if you want to delete a lot of files
Security and domains - not a lot to interest you here
Databases - mange your databases and contents. You can view your database data and modify it but be careful.
Software and advanced - not a lot to interest you here