Looking for your feedback

Hi guys,
We are trying to develop a new tool to simplify the web developers life. It’s going to be a SaaS tool, and we’re looking to get some feedback from you on our idea.
So to start with - we’d really appreciate a feedback whether you might be interested in a tool that does the following (to start with):

  1. Convert automatically, in minutes, a PSD into a clean and organized bootstrap responsive HTML/CSS
  2. Provides a visual WYSIWYG editor to fine tune your result

Would appreciate your comments on this, so we’ll know we’re not wasting our time…

A lot of companies have tried to do that in the past and none have come even remotely close to succeeding yet. If you do succeed then you will be the first.

Yes, it’s a branch of the science of Alchemy. :smiley:

It’s an ambitious task, and could be argued to be somewhat misguided, as Ps has no real relation with the fluid medium of the browser. And many designers are turning away from Ps anyway to other tools or just designing in the browser.

I’d be more inclined to focus on productivity tools for genuine web designers, rather than Photoshop jockeys, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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