Looking for Web-Based Order Form Script/Service

Here’s the scoop. My dad received order forms via fax. Basically, his clients fill in an Excel order form (which they have received previously), print it, and fax it in.

I’d like to help him move that process online. Payment processing isn’t necessary, and he prefers to handle it when the orders actually ship, and he has his clients’ payment information on file (which he processed manually using a credit card terminal).

My question is, are there any services out there that allow interactive order forms, which send order details to an e-mail address?

The forms are set up in a manner similar to below, and would need to stay that way.

Customer Name:
Customer Address:
Store Number:

Quantity Item Number Item Description Price Per Unit Subtotal

Shipping Option: (Ground, 2 Day, Overnight)

Obviously, there would be multiple products in the form. I need customers to be able to enter a quantity for each item, select a shipping option, and have it auto-calculate a total, and when submitted, send the information to my dad’s e-mail.

If you know of a relatively simple, and most importantly, ELEGANT solution for this, post it here. <snip>


Hi Jayce. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

What you are asking for here is basically a standard form-to-email contact form. There are lots of free services online for creating these yourself, or you could hire someone to custom build such a form, but either way, it isn’t too difficult.

Thanks for your reply. Where the difference lies, I think, is that the form needs to auto-calculate totals based on amounts entered, present those totals on a “Order Snapshot” page, and then submit them via e-mail.

Ah, OK, that wasn’t obvious from what you described above, though it shouldn’t be hard to do that either. It might be better to have a form that simply calculates the totals based on options selected, and then, after presenting the total cost, ask the user to submit personal details in another form before sending off the request.

Hi Jayce,
We use ''Quotegeneratorplus.com". We pay $19.99 a month. This is a quote form that can instantly give visitors a quote for a products and services and then submit them via email