Looking for web based document viewing tools - Similar to Doconut

I am trying to find a product/solution that will allow documents stored in a DMS (document management system) to be accessed through a web browser.

Users can access the internal network through GOOD from here are able to access to the documents on the DMS via links placed on an intranet. I want it so when they click a link the document opens remote device (this primarily being a mobile device) in a browser based product.

Doconut is a product that is working for us, but is missing one critical element, links embedded in the document a stripped.

The DMS vendor offers a web based viewer but with a similar issue.

So this is a bit of a should out, does anyone know any document viewers that:

  1. Allow viewing of most standard document formats (docx, pdf, xls etc) through a web browser
  2. Does not upload the document to the ‘cloud’ or any online storage/hosting services
  3. Doesn’t strip embedded links and maintains most of the formatting

Thanks in advance,

Why not just provide the document (you can use a binary read/write to provide document security) with the proper header information and let the natural associations from the browser/operating system to take precedence? I find most file viewers to be cumbersome and obtrusive, and don’t add much value to the content being presented.