Looking for something like this. Any help would be appreciated

Hi there,

I am looking for some Jquery script that does something like this screenshot >>>

Basically this is a timing slider that changes color the closer it gets to the actual day. So it starts off blue and the closer it gets to the actual deadline day it changes to a stronger red color.

I’m looking for some directions/links as to how I would get this on my website.

Thank you in advance.

I found this, which seems to have a few examples of Progress Bars changing color as they get closer to the end (I can’t say if they use jquery or some other framework though)

Thank you for that. Very much appreciated.

Just an FYI, it looks to just be the images, so you might be able to download the image, and replace the jquery background image for the progress bar with the one that has multiple colors. Again, this is just from my quick browsing, but it may be helpful.