Looking for simple Mootools 1.1 accordion

I plan to have two accordions on my site; one for an FAQ (possibly 1, 2 or 3 pages) and one for general navigation (available on every page).
For the FAQ I’ve found a Vertical slide-effect Mootools accordion which seems to suit that purpose really well.
For the navigation I figured I needed something based on the same Mootools version as the above (which is 1.1) so I searched and found the Moo.FX2 accordion.
I figured after some work on the CSS code I could get it to work in a similar way as my first accordion idea (which I’m abandoning as sharing the Mootools code for both seems like a better resource-efficient idea).

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Javascript and am trying to get the grips of CSS, so I’m relying on ready-to-use copy/paste solutions along with some trial and error to get the result I’m looking for. I’m struggling with the Moo.FX2 accordion for stuff I assumed was simple such as choosing which button should be expanded upon start. There is a reference to documentation, but the documentation apparently assumes you understand Javascript and Mootools, so that doesn’t help me much. Does anyone know of another Mootools 1.1 based accordion which is easier to understand and customize?
Finally I would like the navigation accordion to stay in the same place regardless of having scrolled down the page or not. Though not an accordion, here’s a navigation menu which does just that (scroll down the page and see the navigation menu “bounce” back in place). I just don’t want it to bounce quite as far and as much. A little “wiggling” up or down will do :slight_smile: