Looking for shared host -- $2 to $3 a month

My requirements:

  • Servers in North-America
  • Budget: $2 to $3 a month
  • Storage: 1 GB
  • Bandwidth: 25 GB
  • MySQL: 1 database
  • 24/7 support and 100% uptime

This is a really light-weight website. Less than 10 pages, no server
intensive php scripts. But I need it to be up 100% of the time. The
servers have to be monitored around the clock.

Any suggestions?

Web hosts in your budget range (or anywhere near it) do not offer 100% uptime SLAs. There is no such thing as a 100% uptime shared host.

Websites with 100% uptime necessarily have multiple geographically distributed DNS servers, multiple geographically distributed web servers and near-realtime failover code.

Drop that unfeasible requirement, and you’re still asking the impossible. You need to increase your budget to at least $5/mo just to get to the tier of “relatively stable, and not going to close up shop next month” shared hosts.

Come on, $3/mo doesn’t even buy you a McDonalds value meal :smiley:

So? We’re talking about hosting 10 pages here, that might be visited
20 times in a month lol. There are plenty that charge $5, and most of
those have an uptime of 90% or less. If they can do it for $5, they
can do it for $3 – smaller package.

is there such? 6/month or 5/month.

You can check out the web hosting plans of some premier web hosting providers such as LimeDomains, FatCow, Yahoo! etc. I’m sure you’ll find the plan matching your needs.

Not necessarily. There are fixed costs associated with each customer, including the fixed portion of the transaction fee for simply accepting your payment. If they actually charged your credit card $3, they would be paying more to take you as a customer than you pay them. That’s not a business, that’s a charity.

If you have a 10 page site that’s going to be accessed 20 times a year, then either stick it on a normal shared host (HostGator, BlueHost, etc) or host it on your own computer.

Each package is fixed one and if you need less you can ask you web host for custom account. That could be the way to solve your problem

If you have a 10 page site that’s going to be accessed 20 times a year, then either stick it on a normal shared host (HostGator, BlueHost, etc) or host it on your own computer.

Indeed, might as well use a free hosting provider and forget about it. :slight_smile:

There are plenty that charge $5, and most of those have an uptime of 90% or less.

I’m using a number of cheap accounts, and so far not one is under the 90% uptime level. If that has been your experience, maybe you just picked the wrong host. Truth be told, even under 99% uptime would be a bad choice if you’re paying for the service, but that’s another thing.

Well, sometimes it’s down, sometimes it’s just really slow. It’s
been a really disappointing experience with my current host.

Today I found 247-host.com. They claim to have support online
all the time, and they have packages starting at $2. Just so
you know, it IS possible.

And PayPal now has a micro-transaction account. For any
purchase less than $10, they charge a smaller fee, than their
regular business account fee. :slight_smile:

try www.ucvhost.com

You’d be pleasantly surprised. <snip> lemme know if it works… Its in India, though, but worth it.

I wouldn’t trust a company that can’t keep the lies on its own website straight.

The footer of the site says copyright 1998. The “about us” page says they were established in 2000. The domain registration says they’ve only existed for a year.

@ Dan Grossman.
ouch. That’s somehow. I have been using them for 3 years. And i’m not kidding! Must be real stupidity on their part. And their customer service is cool.

I have no affiliations with them whatsoever, just so u know. Also I believe its worth mentioning that I don’t use them for my bigger clients. Only for the ones that can’t afford the more expensive ones. I believe if you make that observation using their live chat, they might just respond well.


I think with your budget, you are really asking too much for a host. Even those who pays a lot more than your budget does not require 100% uptime…

Maybe have your budget rise up a bit would helps.
As you said about your site,why you need so much BD as 25G?
Get your quota down or rise up the budget.

That could be they started with another name :wink:

you need to raise your budget little up or lower little bit requirements

You may have to pay a little more than $2 - $3 per month - but you can certainly get very reliable shared hosting plans that will more than meet your needs for around $5 per month.

However, please be aware you can easily find hosts that guarantee 99.9% uptime - but you should exercise caution with any host promoting 100% uptime. All servers need maintenance at some point.

I am not sure about the $3 but perhaps 3*3=9 probably more posible!

I would like to add that not all cheap web hosts have bad uptime. It depends on what resources your getting for the price.

it’s for sure you will not find a shared web host with 100% uptime. Even that, from my experience I can tell, that it’s ok to host a web site on a shared host.