Looking for Inexpensive Haybail Man Images

I am putting together a quick email newsletter and want to include images that will invite people to a Fall Festival/hayride & seafood feast.

I have this picture already:

and this one for seafood:

I’m looking for other Haybail man types. I looked on iStock for more and only found scarecrows. Ideas where I can find more?

Hey, thanks for the correct spelling. However, when I search for “hay bale” and man, I still only get pictures of real me with hay bales. I’m trying to get more with a face like this one.

Hi there, welcome to SitePoint!

Do you mean a man that looks like a hay bale (note the spelling) or just a man beside hay bales? If you search “hay bale man” on iStock you get hundreds of photos, but note the spelling of “bale”. :slight_smile: