Looking for Hosting Companies that Meet the Following Criteria

[LIST][] Multi Domain SSL Certificate
] Linux Server
[] PHP5+
] cPanel
[*] Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, MySql DBs and Addon Domains[/LIST]SSL is mentioned first because this is most important. This is not a single domain or wildcard SSL cert. It’s relatively new and unique. It’s for the purpose of securing multiple domains on one account without having to have an entirely separate hosting account, dedicated IP and SSL cert for every single domain (which is what traditionally had to be done and obviously can get very expensive if you run many websites).

BlueHost/HostMonster - This is what I currently use and is perfect in every way except their system does not support multi-domain certs and they have no intentions of adding such support.

Please share hosts that meet the criteria and share a personal note about your experience with the company.

List of Hosts that Meet the Criteria

HostGator - Tested and was not very pleased with the overall user experience. Didn’t have the ease of use and control I’m used to with BlueHost/HostMonster.

I’m not sure if OVH (ovh.com) meets your criteria because I’m on my iPod atm. But I think it comes pretty close, I’ve rented some ded servers there, but didn’t get support because I got it rel cheap.

I am not sure why it’s a problem, unless you are asking for free SSL or dedicated IP addresses? Also, have you ever recognize that shared hosting environment is still sharing, and putting multiple domains inside one account can be a big problem?

Most shared hosting use cPanel and simply stated one single cpmale account cannot have multiple dedicated IP addresses and hence cannot have multiple SSL Certificates. You would have to wait untill cPanel adds SNI support. Pleask has recently added SNI support and you can take a look at hosts that offer Plesk.

Ah, in case cPanel doesn’t support for multiple IP addresses in one account, you can try DirectAdmin. It does support.

cpanel does not support true multi-domain hosting. All the added domains are really subdomains of the main site aliased via dns to 2nd domain name.

Yes. If your budget allows, go for a reseller hosting account and create individual cPanel accounts for each domain.

I use Bluehost and I’m looking for a solution other than getting a new host. Bluehost said get a wildcard SSL (but this is not cost effective for me).

My site seems to working except in IE - my login page is kicking out a 403 message. This wiki article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication may interest you.


“To support SNI the SSL/TLS library used by an application must support it and the application must pass the hostname to the SSL/TLS library. Further complicating matters the SSL/TLS library may be either shipped as part of the application or may be a component of the operating system. As a result of this some browsers support SNI on all operating systems while others only support it on a subset of operating systems. As of 2011 most web browsers and SSL libraries have implemented support for SNI but there are still a large number of users still using combinations of browser and operating system that do not support it.”

“Apache 2.2.12 or later using mod_ssl[10][11][12] (or alternatively with experimental mod_gnutls[13])” is listed as a compatible config on the server side. Bluehost is 2.2.23 - I’m checking on the mod issue.

I’ll keep you posted.


Are you referring to getting a free SSL Cert? If that is the case, most hosts do not offer SSLs for free for the simple fact that SSLs are not very cheap. You can take a look at Comodo PositiveSSL I’ve hear they are pretty darn cheap.

Comodo offers multi-domain SSL certificates for about EUR 110 , that can be experimental with the new cPanel 11.34 …

you can try ix webhosting, I am happy with them