Looking for High End Stable Hosting

Hello All,

I own a Sports Blog. It currently gets decent traffic of 10k visitors a day. On some days when there are events like WWE PPV, TNA PPV or UFC PPV, I get Huge Visitors. If the host would support the kind of traffic. I can easily expect upto 1 lakh visitors on special days like those. I mean the rest of the days it does get huge traffic but not like those special days, which are like atleast 5 times month.

My current host is very good but goes bonkers on those special event days. I am currently paying $350+ for the hosting account. If I am not wrong my current hosting config is

my vps is utilizing 5 cpu cores, 1.5GB Ram, 20GB disk space.
The server hosted for your vps is shared by 3 vps. The config of server is dual Nehalem cpu, ddr3 memory, raid 10 15k sas disks array.

I am guessing the above config.

I am tired of these breakdowns when I wait for huge events like these. Could you suggest me some reliable solutions. I am looking for a $300 - $350 budget at max.

Even something like, I pay for what I use. Do they really work well in terms of budget and performance…


First of all you should consider why/how your blog has a ‘breakdown’. Does it become slow to respond or does it crash entirely? Is it a bandwidth, CPU or disk i/o issue? If you knew the answers to these then the chances are some system administration work could optimise your setup to handle the load more efficiently, e.g you’re running wordpress so you should install a cache plugin.

100,000 visitors in a day equates to a few visits per second which your VPS should be able to handle.

My Current Configuration as mention earlier is

VPS with 5 cpu cores, 1.5GB Ram, 20GB disk space.
The server hosted for your vps is shared by 3 vps. The config of server is dual Nehalem cpu, ddr3 memory, raid 10 15k sas disks array.

I usually get get 1000+ mySQL requests at the same time during Sport Events Days which my vps is unable to handle. Even tried to increase CPU to 8 cores, ram to 2GB but my vps is gets frozen when it’s due to the number of connections on Popular Events Days.

My Host Support suggested me a clustered system

Last Night when there was a Sports Event Live Coverage I tried a Clustering system (Temporary Setup) with web and database on different systemS, so that it will help to reduce iowait when we have high traffic.

The Setup was like this. 2 VPS was connected through gigabit LAN. The new VPS was having 2GB RAM

Still the site became dead slow at times and I could not update the posts for a few minutes which resulted in timeouts.

I switched back to the Old setup as the new one costs me a lot. So I need suggestions as to how to go about.

Also what do you think from the plans offered by http://www.databasebydesignllc.com/ & http://www.clustered.net/vps/ and what I have.

Do you know of any other? I love my current host for the Support too and I expect the same from the new host if i get a good deal and a Nice Config that can handle the load.

i don’t have any answer but I just want to say 10k visitors a month is more than decent for a blog.


10k visitors is normal. I second that too. I never had probelms with that. But on some days it shoots up at a specific 3 hour period during the event.


It might take too much time someone replies here sharing their experience with that company. Try to do the search for their names. That will help you find out more reviews.

If you’re getting that amount of mysql connection requests simultaneously for what would be a few simultaneous visitors per sec from your stated figures then somethings wrong, either slow queries not completing fast enough or persistant pconnects not closing. You should definately use some caching strategy to reduce every visitor making the same database requests over and over and saturating the mysql connections.

You appear to getting hosting specification mixed up with server configuration. You can throw money at spec (an ongoing expense which isn’t very efficient when you consider it’s only occasional bursts that require it) or invest in optimising configuration (e.g configuring wordpress correctly,then moving on to apache/msyql optimisation if necessary then looking at using haproxy/pound/nginx/memcache) which would negate needing to upsize hosting. At the very least you should read http://elliottback.com/wp/why-my-wordpress-site-is-so-much-faster-than-yours/

Clustered have an excellent reputation, if you go with them you’d need their managed rather than unmanaged VPS option so support is included.

Opps that too less resources for what you pay…you can get a Managed dedicated server in this price.