Looking for help in placing an ad


I have this web site, www.epagini.com - right now i want to be able to place an ad unit in the left side of the site ( the area that has that gray background ) so I was wondering is there a javascript script or something that can help me to that ?

I attached a screenshot to show you what I am aiming for.

Yeah…but the problem is that I just don’t know how:) I have tried using all kind of javascript stuff but I haven’t been successful yet …

Do you have access to the html?

Great, I’m glad it was that easy! Well done for getting it going. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help Ralph!

It works like a charm…

So, you want to change the design… without… changing the design. :wink:

One fairly easy way to place those ads on the left is to place an extra div that contains the ads inside the Content div. (You could put it at the end.)

Then, give that ad div the following styles:

#ad {
    position: absolute;
  width: 136px; /* or whatever */
  top: 0;
  left: -140px;
  background: #222;

That will place the ad div just to the left of the content div.

Im pretty sure you’d have to edit the .css template file and program that specific part of the page to pull the data, i.e the ad data

Of course, but i was wondering if there is a possibility to do this without making changes to the site’s design, maybe by using javascript or something like that.