Looking for help - bug in IE8

Hi guys,

We have the following problem in IE8.

Check out this page http://corona-bg.com/en/products/corona

When we scroll after the second slide appears to duplicate the text, and the third slide navigation is broke - can not scroll and can not use the text-navigation on the left side. (Why Corona… The Lime, Mexico)

Look in FireFox and Chrome has no problems and animation works without problem.


You must have made changes, as the navigation tabs now follow me down the page and the text does not appear. As r937 said, its unusable and you should possibly give the design concept a rethink.

Does anyone have any proposal, however, can this bug be fixed ?

Agreed. Tear it down and start over unless you only want to sell beer to people under 30. That would be an odd choice since that’s where incomes are generally lowest.

Well here…stop trying to use HTML 5 elements. It is not ready to be used.
Furthermore, why are you sending IE 8 different images then Firefox and the others?
Also have you looked in the source code? There is a large block of useless code after “Why Corona”

Works in IE8 for me.

completely unusable in ie8 for me – i can’t read the text, and i would bail out of your site after no more than three seconds

Text of the third slide is missing (it actually exists and is posted - look into Firefox and Chrome), when you try to scroll back up to the previous two slides can not. Text navigation on the left is also inactive.

I apologize for my not good English.