Looking for feedback from any digital agencies

Would love some feedback from any agency types in here.
I’ve been focusing the marketing efforts of our startup (BugHerd) on digital agencies recently.
The main use case we’re targeting is agencies gathering website feedback from their clients.
Rather than let your clients report issues via email, phone, Skype etc. You install our product and they can point and click anywhere on their site and describe the problem right there.

What I’d like to know is:

  • Is this a real pain that you feel with your clients?
  • Are you using other tools to solve it already?

Looks like an interesting service, but how does it handle an issue that comes up often - clients using old browsers/corporate IT configuration? If it can detect and accurately notify of what some 60 year old MD is seeing on his 1024 ie6 screen then you’re onto a winner :D. Perhaps it could include further information like supportdetails.com does?

This sounds like a useful application. Is it similar to the Problem Steps Recorder within Windows 7? (psr.exe)