Looking for feedback and new ideas for this Blogger theme

Hello all,

I’ve been working on a one page scroller Blogger theme for a few days and this is what I’ve come up with:

What’s it about?
The content is in Estonian and the website is for a friend who offers delivery services, housing and canoeing services in Estonia.

I am mostly interested in new ideas regarding typography because I feel that this is one of my weaker skill right now. I really need the headings and text to be clearly distinguished and easy for the eyes. Have I pulled it off yet? If you have any tips to make the overall look and feel better please share your ideas.

I am planning on adding russian and english languages by posting both russian and english posts before posting estonian posts so the estonian posts will remain on top. I will then limit the posts on first page to 4 so the website will display only estonian posts at first and a user will be able to switch between languages using a link which pulls up blog posts either in the category RU or EN. I know it’s a tedious workaround, but this is probably the best you can do if you are looking for a multilingual blogger website. If there is a better solution I would love to hear about it!!

For some reason I can’t get the responsive design to show up on mobile phones even though I’ve set the template settings in Blogger to show the desktop version of the blog. The css media queries fire when you simply change the browser’s width manually, but for some reason a mobile phone will display the full site zoomed out without adjusting itself. Why is that?

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