Looking for examples of excellent layouts/functionality for content heavy sites

I’m in the process of redesigning my education site and would love to get some inspiration from other content heavy websites that you have found to be very clean, easy to navigate, but still with some character to them.

I plan on using the Omega base kit for Drupal 7. In case you’re not familiar with it, you can check out some of the functionality of it here: omega.developmentgeeks.com

I love the responsive grid layouts. Will be very handy for students reading a 10 page chapter outline of their textbook as the main body column can expand/shrink to meet the needs of a wide screen monitor, laptop, ipad and mobile phone.



Good to thought about change in your website you just visit that site education.gov.uk it may helpful for you…

Though geared toward building commercial sites, sitesell (www.sitesell.com) focuses on content heavy sites and appropriate navigation (as well as tools to select the best keywords). Their 10-step tutorial used to be available free as they make most of their money on hosting. (Upon checking the site. I can’t find it). But you can sign up for a free trial just to take a look see.

I am not representing, nor do I longer have any websites on, sitesell.