Looking for Enterprise Level Shopping Cart

We are an established and fast growing ecommerce company. We’ve had our websites built on the Magento platform, however, I am finding that Magento is a really broad shopping cart that caters to a myriad types of businesses and we’ve ended up needing to do a tremendous amount of customization work over the past 12 months, with more tasks still pending, in-order to make it fit with our specific requirements. We are currently seeking an enterprise level shopping cart solution that we can run our multiple stores on, and that we can have built with a more customize approach to our particular business. I have done research on a few enterprise level shopping cart providers and currently beseech others with experience for advice. Some of our competitors are cymax.com and wayfair.com. I believe both of these companies have a completely customized cart. Anyone able to offer some guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The word enterprise has a lot of different meanings these days and when you talk ecommerce platforms that’s even more true so the first step is to refine what you actually want to find.

For example, when I hear enterprise, I think ATG [an Oracle company] level software at hundreds of thousands of dollars per cpu, or MarketLive with a smaller but still sizable upfront cost and monthly sub as a remote service, or perhaps down to Venda who works on a monthly flat and percentage. Is that what you’re looking for?


Thank you for your response. We are comfortable spending $50,000-$75,000 for a solution that accommodates us. One most have feature is the ability to control all our ecommerce sites from a universal backend. I’ve never heard of Venda or MarketLive and I will be doing some due diligence on them. Have you heard anything about Znode?



Can’t say I have but there are many players in the space. Still I hate when people assign fluff terms like “industry leading” when they clearly do not lead the market. To be fair, everyone does it but it just doesn’t sit well for me.

In any event, I don’t know many players in your price range, all of the companies I suggested are in the top-enterprise level although Venda may qualify for your range and MarketLive is certainly worth chatting with.

You may want to attend eTail in a few weeks. It tends to be a little higher price point but you’ll get many of the major players in one room to talk too rather than trying to hunt down sales leads at each.