Looking for CMS with shopping cart plugin

Which CMS will be best for simple site with 5-6 pages and about 30 products without buying option. Maybe in future i will install basket plugin to that CMS to give customers possibility to buy my products.

Something simple and easy to manage and possibility to install shopping cart plugin. I’ve found some scripts for example Wordpress with shopping cart plugin or [URL=“http://opensolution.org”]Quick.Cart. Waiting for suggestions.


For something so small it will be great. I think in your case Quick.Cart (or maybe Quick.Cms for start) will be even better that Wordpress. Because of its performance. But if you will need in future something bigger check also other possibilitied like Drupal or Joomla: http://www.whichcmstochoose.com/ and also http://www.linuxforu.com/2012/05/winner-takes-all-wordpress-vs-drupal-vs-joomla/

Lots of CMSes have plugin options. But for so few items, it’s also worth looking into third party carts like FoxyCart—which you can link to at any time—or even setting up the whole site in a third party service like Shopify if the site is mainly for selling things. Using a third praty provider is a lot simpler in terms of setup and security.

If you’re not having a buy/cart option then why a shopping cart add on? Why not use Wordpress’ built in Custom Content Types, which would be a much better way to store data like this, and then display as you want to?

Magento is the best shoppting cart but you can also use Wordpress if you want and install some plugins.Good Luck!

Joomla +VirtualMark

Wordpress with [URL=“http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce”]WP-Ecommerce is what you are looking for, installation and configuration is an ease if you know about your requirements…

I know also Woocommerce and Shopp for WordPress.