Looking for AI technologies for evaluating a website's layout and content

I am working on a school project (UX Design) to design a tool (website & Figma plugin) that would analyze a website’s ADHD (/concentration issues in general) friendliness with AI (computer vision, machine learning…). Now, (luckily) I don’t need to develop it, but I need to research what is technically possible and how, so it’s not all Sci-Fi. As I don’t know much about all the existing technologies, I turn to you for some info.

So: What technologies (if any) could (hypothetically) be used to analyze a website’s:

  • Layout (overall clarity, proximity [Gestalt])

  • Colors (not only for contrast, but for the “distractibility” of too many, too bright colors)

  • Animations (distractibility)

  • Eye-tracking (perhaps through feeding the algorithm enough eye-tracking studies, it could be taught to perform one by itself)

  • Text content clarity (GPT and Grammarly at least could provide feedback on the readability and comprehensibility?)

  • Text readability (font size and spacing etc.)

The purpose of this tool is to give an estimation of the accessibility of the website (or app), not to replace real user research. Thus the feedback wouldn’t need to be 100% correct.

Thanks in advance!

One way to find possible answers is just ask an AI such as ChatGPT for possible answers?

Good point. I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t provide me with detailed information about the technologies. It might just say “It can be possible with some further research and development” but that won’t cut it

Have you seen WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools (https://wave.webaim.org/) or other tools that validate based on accessibility of web sites? They don’t do all you ask, but a couple of your line items regarding colors and font sizes are covered, and animations could be implemented without much trouble. I don’t know whether these folks claim this is being done by AI or just “computers checking stuff”.

Your other items are pretty esoteric for my 20th century brain to wrap around automating, let alone addressing the concept of being “correct” in any particularly strong way.

Interesting project, I hope you could report back with your conclusions.

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One approach is to simply ask an AI, such as Mailchimp, for probable replies. With the help of Mailchimp, we can create the best layout and content.

OP hasn’t returned since posting, so I guess it wasn’t a genuine question.

Topic closed.

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