Looking for advice on my first bid for web work!

Hi all,

I’m based in the UK and have recently decided to jump all in and go full time freelance.

To date I’ve been part-time and undertaken small sites by word of mouth, but I intend to be far more proactive in my search for new business.

I’ve been invited by a UK-based charity to submit a bid made up of CV (Resume), existing sites designed/managed and a quotation for an annual contract to support their site for a minimum of 25 hours a month.

What they expect is

Maintenance & development of the existing site
Moderating user forums
Supporting member organisations set up their own local pages off the main site
Third party vendor liaison including e-commerce banking partners and stakeholders
Budgetry Control & Forecasting
Administration of the site - membership records, Google Grants tracking, site usage, etc
Attendance of meetings as required (expenses are separate to the quote)

Now - where to start?

In the UK what’s the current prevailing rate?

Your advice and opinion welcomed!

It makes sense if you consider this phrase “invited by a UK-based charity”. Non-profits are a whole different animal. Treat them well and they’ll take care of you, make a mistake and they’ll eat you alive.

Contrary to popular belief, many non-profits are flush with cash but doing business with them isn’t always easy.

Agreed, this seems VERY suspicious. The kind of things their asking for are usually out of the constraints of what the average web designer (in the freelance with part-time previous experience sense) would be required or able to undertake. I would seriously begin asking some questions as to the scope and undertakings the are looking for in the project before you give them a quote for work (or even make a bid). The kind of tasks their looking for you to get involved in will be very time and resource intensive and you don’t want to either overload yourself or make it so that you end up trapped in a bottleneck with them over a long period of time. :slight_smile:

It depends on your experience and what programming languages you’ll be using.

But if they/you are London based, I’d say £25 to £30 for general web work, HTML, PHP etc. If you’re talking .NET it would be a bit higher (£30 to £35) and C#/Cocoa type work higher still.

I’m full time freelance and charge £25 for general HMTL/creative type stuff and £30 for PHP and am rarely turned down on price.

Where do you find jobs? Make sure you’re checking freelancenation.net, freelancers.net etc - always a good source of UK based work.

Going straight from part time small sites to something of this scale is a massive leap.

Most of the stuff they mention is pretty full on for someone with little experience. I’m not trying to put a damper on your enthusiasm, but working with charities is hard enough for people with plenty of experience, they can be real blood suckers.

There’s stuff there that most developers shouldn’t be asked to do. Moderating forums, administering the site? That’s day-to-day jobs for their own staff to deal with via a CMS.

What exactly is ‘Budgetry Control & Forecasting’? For what reason do you need to ‘liase with stakeholders’?

How was you approached about this project? Was it someone you already had connections with, or did it just randomly appear in your inbox one day?