Looking for a Wordpress Template

We are looking for a wordpress template which should have the following features.

  1. We should be able to set up news, articles sections by category and automatically add suitable content to each category by aggregating various RSS feeds.

We also need a good RSS import plugin, which will grab only summary of article/post from RSS, use image from RSS feed if available, when user clicks on more info, he will be taken to original news/article page on external site

  1. There will be a Videos section where we will be able to automatically add videos by aggregating from external video sites.

  2. There will be Events section, where users can submit events. The event submission form will have typical fields that are required for an event.

What are the suitable wordpress templates that we can use to implement the above mentioned features?

It sounds to me that some of these things are template related and other plugin related. I would check Woothemes, Elegant Themes (which is coming out with a new magazine template in the near future), Studio Press and Theme Forest to see what news themes they have.

I would then research a good RSS plugin - I would search both the Wordpress plugin repository as well as google.

In terms of events - you can again search for a plugin, but you may also want to consider a 3rd party service that specializes in events and see if you can sync it in with your site. A good 3rd party service that specializes solely in events may prove a much better investment in the long run as they are focused solely on that specific feature.

These searches may help you find something:

Have you checked out the church theme by studiopress?
StudioPress Theme Demo

I have always used Elegant Themes and they have a large variety for a very low price. Maybe you should check it out