Looking for a Wordpress Plugin that will allow me to display PDF files in a slideshow

I have a website that has newsletters in multiple languages and dating back several years. Currently, all I have is a link that someone can click to download or view the PDF. I’m looking for a wordpress plugin that will display them in an easy to scroll fashion. Like an visual e-book or something similar to that.

I can’t find any plugins, I’m looking for recommendations of good plugins

Not possible.

I wouldn’t say not possible, but definitely complex and a lot of work.

PDF files are a different format than a web page, so you would need to:

convert PDF -> HTML - maybe using Jave to go from PDF to XML-FO to HTML?
I have done <-> on my machine this way, so maybe you could do the conversions and FTP them to your site?

I have seen sites that let you read PDF files, but they load very slow. An indication of just how resource intensive the process is.

WordPress being PHP, you might think PHP’s PDF functions. But AFAIK they only create PDFs not read them.

PHP does have ways to bridge to other languages (i.e. Java), but that’s way over my head and I’ve never tried it.

If you want to be able to flick through multiple newsletters etc I would put together a slideshow/gallery where each item links to the newsletter. It would be difficult to mix both this and the flip functions of viewing each individual newsletter.

You can display PDFs using the Enhanced Google Docs Plugin. It is very easy to set up and does a good job.

Other options include online depositories that have free e-reader style plugins, this isn’t always appropriate if you want to retain control over the content and not place them in a public place. Another option is Crocodoc which has a plugin that played with Wp last time I tried, there have been updates since then so I’m not sure of its current status.

Thanks to those who posted for your help. I’m going to the Google Docs option a shot and see if that works

Take a look at Embedly - http://embed.ly/

WP plugin - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/embedly/

will do

Wow, I’m glad you guys posted, I had no idea there was anything ready to go. :blush:

Ah yes Embedly. That was the one on the tip of my tongue.

I’m not sure what it is like now but from memory, while it worked well functionally, it the services it linked to required PDFs to be in a public arena/storage area. This isn’t always possible in business (unfortunately because it just makes life harder).

Well anything is *possible with the right budget and resources. I think it is fair to say that someone asking this type question has neither (maybe not). I mean the person was asking for a WP plugin…

Though I was not aware of Google Docs Viewer. Never used it before…

Actually, I have used the embed on several occasions. Quick and simple. Enter the following from the “text” tab

<embed src=“http://domain.com/filelocation.pdf” width=“100%” height=“600px”/>

The biggest obstacle with this simple solution will be the height with various sizes of display settings. But for most it works fine.

Try Google Doc Embedder. I’ve looked at many. This one is the only one that comes close that doesn’t require registration and storing docs on another server.

Thanks everyone.
This thread is now a year old and the OP has surely found something by now.
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