Looking for a Windows web hosting service


We are looking for a Windows web hosting service for our official website.

Currently, our servers are located in Vancouver. Our main customers are from United State and this is why we are going to transfer our official website from Canada to USA.

Here are some main points we care about the hosting service mostly:

  1. The service must be stable and safe. This is our OFFICIAL WEBSITE. You can imagine how horrible it is if the official website cannot be accessed.

  2. The bandwidth must be fast and stable. We have customers and visitors all over the world. Currently our daily PV is more than 30,000. We want our visitors or customers in any place can access our website fast and smoothly.

3.The machine hosting our website must be very powerful and we do not want hardware resources of the machine to be shared with too many other websites.

4.Our website must have an independent American IP.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Thank you.


We think you posted this message on another forum also. We have replied you there and provide all the info.

Good luck


In order to select a good Windows web hosting plan that provides you with the following functions:

  1. Ability to create multiple accounts and email ids
  2. Support server side scripts like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET Ajax extensions, FrontPage Extensions and XML
  3. Provide database support for MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008 (optional), MySQL, MS ACCESS, ODBC and PhpMyAdmin
  4. 24/7 technical support

The functions will ensure the speed and uptime of your website.

You should probably look into getting a fully managed dedicated server. If you really need good load time globally you should also consider offloading static assets (images, javascripts etc) to a CDN such as amazon cloudfront. Stability and safety aren’t purely a function of the host - how your site has been developed, and what measures you have in place to perform ongoing maintenance are important too. You should consider a premier provider such as rackspace rather than some bargain basement provider if you really value consistent high levels of performance and service.

Your requirements may be fullfilled by high end hosting packages. An unlimited reseller hosting package may also indeed serve the purpose. However, the reliability of the hosting provider comes with the experience of the hosting company in the industry. Look for experienced and professional hosting provider with full featured hosting package to suceed.

I believe you can check forums.asp.net for more information there.

Given your resource requirements and page visitors, a dedicated server would do good for you. There would be no question of any resource or server being shared with any other customer. You will have the entire server to yourself, you will get multiple dedicated IP’s as well.

A fully managed server plan will get you full fledged support as well. In my view you should go in for a dedicated server.

Consider a VPS only if your budget is extremely tight. Shared hosting should be avoided at all costs, considering that you are hosting mission critical website.

Probably you have to use IT services from aspnix, they have narrow specialization in Windows and will be helpful for your needs.
Just my two cents.

For a Windows based solution, I assume you are looking for a VPS? For an easy transition, perhaps a provider based in both the US and Canada is your best option. It gives you some lean-way.