Looking for a way to automate some of my workflow

I was having absolutley no luck googling this and didn’t know where else to look so I thought I’d post it here and see what kind of feedback I got.

I’m trying to automate my current workflow. Here’s what I’d like the process to be:

  1. Customer signs up for monthly service through woocommerce subscriptions (let’s say on Dec. 3).
  2. A support ticket is created with all relevant information and assigned to an employee.
  3. Employee can update this ticket when monthly service has been completed for our records.
  4. On Jan 3, I’d like the ticket updated as a means to remind the employee to provide the service again. This is really the part I’m having trouble with.

With woocommerce and zapier I can automate the ticket creation process without much trouble. I’m looking for ideas on how to update the ticket each month. I’m not tied to any specific support desk software or project management suite. I’m willing to use whatever will get this workflow right. Cost permitting.

Does anyone know of a system that can do this? How about a way with Zapier or IFTTT to get this done?

Any input? Think there is a better or easier way? I’m interested to hear how you’d handle this.

Without special software for handling recurring services, the easiest way that comes to my mind is to use some kind of reminder app, or an appointment on a calendar (i.e. Google Calendar). You could set up a repeating event that would trigger email reminders to your employee. In the description field of the event, you could point to the original ticket created by woocommerce.

Where special software comes in handy, is when you need your employee to log something each time he / she works on the ticket. For example, maybe she needs to write down something that needs to be archived forever. In that case, an event on a calendar becomes cumbersome to manage.

Would something like that work for you?

@luckyisgood: Thanks for the input. You may be on to something with the Google Calendar incorporation. It looks like with Zapier I can create a recurring event in Google Calendar every time a ticket is created in my support system. I can then create another “zap” to add a note to the ticket anytime an event in a Google Calendar starts. This will fire off an email to the employee notifying them to get to work :smile:

The only truly manual process left would be reviewing of employee’s completed work and also any service cancellations. There may even be a way to automate the cancellation process, but one step at a time.

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