Looking for a very thin font

hey, i’m looking for a san-serif font that is very thin, like arial but much thinner at higher font (26) points. any suggestions?


Try Gill Sans Light. It’s a beautiful sans font and very popular too.

This one’s pretty thin too:

One of my personal faves…Eurostile:


and Futura:

are both thin. Here’s a list of all the Sans Serif fonts that Adobe has listed on their site.

i don’t suppose you know of any like that that are free?


I would take a few minutes and search through a few fonts sites. There are plenty of fonts that can be found that would suffice for your needs.


www.fontpool.com (this one will even let you preview the fonts in the text that you specify)

thanks for your help.

i’m looking more for a font that is extremely thin, like 1-2 pixels wide that will look decent when anti-aliased. any ideas?

lucas…does it need to be small?

Try checking out silkscreen. It is one of those “pixelated” fonts that are really popular right now.


Originally posted by creole
lucas…does it need to be small?

thats the problem, it needs to be large, but has to have the appearance of being thin. its easy to find a font that will look thin at lower font sizes, but crank the same font up to 28 pt and it gets thick quickly. :frowning: