Looking for a very simple wordpress theme

I’m looking for a very simple theme and am at a loss as to where to go. Here’s what I want:

Background: Black
Very top: logo/name top left, navigation with possible drop downs on right
Middle 2 choices:

  • single column - SimpleViewer, possible in iFrame
  • two column
    Simple one line footer

This is for a friend who will be traveling, needing to upload photographs, and blog.

On the photos on SimpleViewer, I want the user to be able to purchase prints, but I think I can handle that part. I just can’t seem to find a WordPress theme that is as tight to the top and bottom as I want. I really would like for the user to not have to scroll any to see the photos. My programming skills are very rusty and I find that I am very overwhelmed at all the options available.

My preference would be a fluid width, but a static width will be acceptable if fluid is not available.

I am not adverse to paying for a theme that meets my needs.

I’ve layed out what I want the showcase/gallery pages to look like and am attaching it here:

As you can see, it is very very simple. The only other page I want will look something like this:
I want to use WordPress because he wants to write a blog.

Has anyone seen anything even close to this?


I come accross a website of wordpress theme wpart.org,there is a black theme that meets your needs.


I looked at the templates and there are some that are a possiblitity. One of the problems I see though is that my friend’s photos are all different sizes and in both portrait and landscape. See Erik Poppke Photography to see what I’m talking about.

He really likes the SimpleViewer gallery. It does have a WordPress download/plugin, so I like that.

The theme that I’m leaning towards right now this Photocrati Darkroom theme. The main thing that I like about it is that it is set up for eCommerce and selling his prints is the main reason for the website.

If you have anything similar, then let’s talk off list.


check this http://zeaks.org/nomnom-twenty-eleven-child-theme/ all your requirements will be met