Looking for a UPS that doesn't beep when the power goes off!

I have a beach cam that we have run through our house. Our area has frequent power surges and outages and it resets the camera and turns it off from uploading. I think the camera reboots before the network does and thats it. we have to unplug the cam and it goes back online.

I am looking to attach this to a UPS but I would like to find one that does not beep when the power goes out. It simply supplies power and thats it! I have heard you can adjust some but you need software to do so. Is there any specific UPS systems that are capable of this?

How about just a solar charger and battery?

Hi mcsolas,

You can use any UPS (well at least one that you can exchange the battery. When you get it, if it is a smart UPS then install the software on a computer that runs off of it and you can turn sound off and have an email or SMS sent to you. If your UPS lacks this control or you can’t have a computer on it, like if you running an embedded device then you can remove the front panel, trace where the wires run to the speaker and clip those wires - remember to tape the ends so you don’t get a short. Then you will not get the beep.


Thank you for the reply!
Hopefully I can do it via software. The ones I have bought recently were generic and came with no software, and no online downloadable options. I think I am going to have to find a name brand like APC and bring it with me back with me. As a backup plan I guess I could physically clip it as you suggested, that sounds good too in case I don’t pick one up here. I also have another one in an office that might get clipped. I wasn’t sure if that would disable the battery, so I never went there and actually tried cutting the wires.


If you do buy one with software, make sure you review the documentation before you purchase it to ensure that you can override the sound. Some ‘basic’ smart UPS don’t allow for this behaviour. You are then better off not to spend the xtra money unless you want the email and SMS support, so when you cut the sound you at least know when the power is out or that the battery is needing replacement.