Looking for a tool for

Looking for a tool for changing word placement

For example:

“I am a good boy”
it will change it to “boy good a am I”

Anyone knows one?

Why not implement it yourself? it’s not so bad.

  1. reverse each letter to
    I am a good boy
    yob doog a ma I

  2. reverse each letter from each word
    yob doog a ma I
    boy good a am I

Actually, there’s a simpler solution. Just split by space and print in reverse order.

As sg707 suggested, split the string by spaces which creates an array; then reverse the array; then join on spaces, which puts it back into a string.


Of course, it all depends on exactly where the OP wants to do the word replacement, website, browser window, word document, somewhere else

try some content spinner like bestarticlespinner or smallseotool.

As far as I can see, the OP doesn’t want to spin content, he just wants to inverse the word order of a phrase.

Are you sure this tool exist?

I haven’t looked, but I imagine they do. AFAIK most languages have extensive String manipulating functions as part of their Core, so “tool” or hand-rolled it should be easy enough.