Looking for a simple shopping cart to sell instant gift certificates

I have a website that sells gift certificates to our store. I am looking for a simple shopping cart to integrate with Paypal Website Payments Standard (Canada).

I need to have the option to have the Gift Certificate send to the receiver via email OR via regular mail. With the email option, it will be done automatically, and with the regular mail, obviously by one of our staff.

I have medium understanding of MySQL and PHP so installation should not be a problem.

Thanks for the help,

Hello Mark!

CS-Cart has the Gift Certificates add-on which suits your needs and it integrated with PayPal Standard.

For having an idea on simple cart solutions for selling gift certificates you can check out this power point at Goo2o Wiki.

Thank you for your responses. I am not sure these carts will do what I am looking to do.

It is unfortunate that there is not a specialized shopping cart for gift certificates, as this is all I want to see on my site.

I will keep looking.

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